Army Surplus Vehicles

There is a variety of army surplus vehicles that you can invest in, and many consumers choose to buy used army surplus vehicles. Typically, these vehicles are jeeps, pickup trucks, dump trucks, and cars that were formerly relied on by the military.


One of the most popular surplus vehicles is the Humvee or HMMWV. 

When the military gets newer vehicles, the older vehicles are auctioned off or sold.  Sometimes you can find them in online auction websites, and there are companies that focus on selling army surplus vehicles as well.  The Internet has made it easier for people to find army surplus vehicles for purchase.

Popular Army Surplus Vehicles

Army surplus vehicles are diverse in terms of offerings.  One of the most popular surplus vehicles is the Humvee or HMMWV.  This vehicle is also identified as a hummer.  These vehicles were manufactured by the popular carmaker American General; they are exceptional all terrain vehicles, and they prove very durable.  Since hummers can prove expensive when new, buying one as a surplus vehicle from the army can save a person a lot of cash.  These vehicles have a high drivetrain and engine mount: this means that they offer up a greater amount of ground clearance.  They are built with a frame that has been intentionally reinforced as well: the frame is a ladder frame so that it will resist undesired flex.  These vehicles are corrosion resistant too since they have durable bodies crafted of aluminum.

The Hummer as an army surplus vehicle typically has a diesel motor.  These vehicles have mounted inboard disc brakes so that the brakes are always secure, protected and properly ventilated.  This vehicle has gear driven hubs as well so the vehicle can supply the user with a lot of torque.  The hummer has been commonly used by the military for the purposes of cargo transport, ambulance transport, troop transport, and as a weapons platform.  Other army surplus vehicles that prove popular include the heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, also called HEMTTs.  Sometimes these vehicles are identified as dragon wagons as well: this name refers to 8 x 8 trucks with eight wheel drive.  Consumers often invest in vehicles like the M1A2 Abrams, the M113 armored vehicle, the M2A3 Bradley, the M3A3 cavalry vehicle, and the MRAP too.

Where You can Get Army Surplus Vehicles

Coleman’s Military Surplus

Coleman’s Military Surplus is one location that you can visit online when you are seeking army surplus vehicles.    This site offers a listing of army surplus vehicles, parts, accessories, and trailers.  You can find army surplus vehicles like military Chevrolet pickup trucks, military Chevrolet Blazers, and large cargo trucks.  The vehicles on offer are used and in good condition.  You can contact the company by calling the toll-free number.  The company also sells sporting goods, shelving, racking, security and tactical equipment, pouches, bags, military vehicles, military tents, military generators, manuals, DVDs, knives, industrial equipment, household items, hardware, hunting equipment, emergency products, containers, cold weather gear, clothing, camping gear, boots, shoes, and automotive parts.  The company is located at 360 Klinger Road in Millersburg, Pennsylvania, and they have hours of operation Monday through Saturday.  For full details visit:

On you can find many different army surplus vehicles.    This site sells tires and tracks, trailers, tank driving and training equipment, spares, accessories, radio equipment, paint, campus, bicycles, motorcycles, motorcycle spares, medium vehicles, light vehicles, Land Rovers, heavy vehicles, manuals, DVDs, magazines, books, aviation equipment, and marine equipment.  It also sells artillery, armored cars, and more.  Army surplus vehicles are listed with a full description of the vehicle, photographs of the vehicle, in information on who to contact if you are interested in buying.  For full details visit:


eBay® is another exceptional site if you’re looking to buy army surplus vehicles.  Vehicles are listed with the vehicle description, images of the army surplus vehicles for sale, the number of bids on the vehicle in question, the current price, and the time remaining on every auction.  If you access more detailed information, you can get into more photos of the army surplus vehicles, more detailed descriptions, and you can ask the seller questions through e-mail contact.  You can also find out the terms of purchase and pickup.  For full details visit:

More Places to Popular Army Surplus Vehicles is an ideal place on the web to shop for army surplus vehicles.  Here you can find classic vehicles made by American General Motors, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and you can even find Willys.  This site sells Volvo, Daimler Benz, Kaiser, and Studebaker army surplus vehicles as well.  You are supplied with an image of every vehicle, a full description, information on the vehicle location, and you can e-mail the company with any questions or concerns.  For full details visit:

Clark Truck Parts, Inc.

Clark Truck Parts, Inc. is a company located at Route 62 Black Betsey Road in West Virginia.  This company also sells an array of army surplus vehicles.  You can get vehicles like the 54A2 Kaiser Cargo, the AM General M812 Long Wheel Base Cargo Truck, the  AM General M813 Cargo, the AM General M817 Dump Truck, the AM General M818 Tractor, the AM General M923/M925 Cargo Truck, the AM General M998 Hummer, and more.  You are provided with a brief description of each vehicle, an image of the vehicle, and a full listing detailing the features the vehicle.  This company specializes in selling trucks, trailers, parts, wedges, tires, and accessories.  For full details visit:

Memphis Equipment Company

Another excellent resource for you to check out if you’re looking for army surplus vehicles is the Memphis Equipment Company.  This company is located at 766 S. Third St in Memphis, Tennessee.  The company sells trucks, parts, and more.  They offer a 5 ton trucks, 2.5 ton trucks, wrecker trucks, dump trucks, and 6x6 trucks.  The vehicles on offer are provided to you with an image of the vehicle, a brief description of the vehicle and you can download complete vehicle specifications if you desire.  The company has been in business since 1946 and they offer reconditioned vehicles.  For full details visit: